INFANTS - 3 to 24 months

This is where your child’s journey often begins. It's a transitional period where your child is free to adapt to our environment at their own pace.

 Our Babies room bosts an extremely experienced talented team of educators. With our lead educator having more than 30 years in the profession and one of the babies room assistant educators being having 30 of her years of experience here at Parkside. Our team offers a nurturing environment using the circle of security model to build strong attachments with our educatos.

We have a comprehensive orientation programme for new families, we encourage families to stay as long as they need to feel comfortable with leaving their child with our educators. Each child will adapt to the environment at their own pace so we follow each child's lead as to how much lead in time they need before starting.

Once you have started, our open-door policy allows you to spend time in your child’s room as often as you wish. Our Educators euse your home routines for eating, resting, sleeping and comfort as much as possible to support the continuity of the child’s care.

babies playground

Here's a photo of part of the infant's outdoor play area.

The activities for your child are programmed based on a learning framework with a new plan created each week. The programming aims to enhance each child’s individual learning and development.


Our educators are caring, focused, active and reflective in delivering the education program for each child. Your child's learning and development is assessed as part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluation (there is a folder for your child that documents their individual development and progress which you are encouraged to look at and provide feedback at any time).

Parents also receive a daily reflection by email that includes photos and an outline of the activities that have gone on that day and their connection to the educational framework.

An approved learning framework informs the development of a curriculum that enhances each child’s learning and development. - See more at:

Our programs

Your child will develop attachment to their caregivers learning to trust them.

Through the established trust between your child and their caregivers your child will learn to leave them and explore and play in their new environment.

Your child will learn and grow through play and creativity.

Our Educators

A wonderful team of warm, caring and patient staff.

Our team is rich with the experience of tweo  staff who have been caring for infants and children for over 20 years.

Educator : child ratios
A minumum 1 educator to every 4 children

First aid officers

Occupational health and safety officer

Language resources


Indoors Environment

Adjacent open plan spaces for play and creative activities.

Soft floor open space for floor activities.

Separate cot sleeping room.

Bathroom with nappy change areas and toddlers toilet.

Outdoors Environment

Our infants enjoy their own outdoor play area.

The yard provides a lovely shaded area for them to explore.

Large undercover sandpit

Large verandah and shaded open play area.